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    Nice to meet you

    Le-Lab is a Web Agency and Digital Factory offering a wide range of products and services suited for every challenging idea in the Websphere.


    We love digital nomadism

    Le-Lab phisical exists most of the time between Berlin (Germany) and Rome (Italy). But we're always conncted to the Internet.


    We do web stuff

    With over a decade of experience in IT and Web-development fields, we can take care of your website, help you to develop your next project or administrate your IT-infrastructure. Have a look at our Services!


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    You can easy send us an email to have more information or a quote. We will answer you as soon as possible.

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What can we do for you?

Strategic Planning

We can advise and assist you to plan your IT and online strategy, defining and prioritizing the features of your next web project to achieve your goals.

Search engine optimization

Improve search engine rankings for your project by modifying your websites to better reflect what search engines are looking for.

Web marketing campaigns

Promote worldwide your product and ideas: communicate with potential customers while promoting your brand using a unique voice.

Social media enhancements

Social networking for business is one of the fastest growing Internet marketing services available today.


You set the vision, we provide our knowhow. We work together to design and develop beautiful websites, web/mobile applications and digital platforms.

Website Design

We design clean, sharp, professional website using edge technologies that will adapt to the future growth of your business or organization.

Web/Mobile application

We use uses structured framework programming, follow best practices and coding guidelines. We develop CMS, Blogs, Mobile and WebApps.

Redesign and Integration

Whether you are launching a new brand or are refreshing your established website, we have the experience to help facilitate your success.


We are able to setup, manage and maintain your IT-Infrastructure with the needed secure and high-performance environment and settings.

Web Hosting Solutions

We can help you to choose the best hosting solution and web tools for your needs: shared hosting, VPS, Cloud server, Dedicated server, etc.

Linux Sysadmin

Server and system Administration 24/7, on demand activity, monitoring service, troubleshooting intervention, disaster recovery.

IT Management

Developing next-gen IT Infrastructure: assistance to optimize, secure, manage and support your mission-critical infrastructure

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Some of our recent works

FAI International

Backend development

(Wordpress Multisite / WooCommerce)

Friends of FAI

Backend development



Backend development



Backend development

(Custom development / Phalcon PHP)

Africa e Affari

Development / Server Administration

(Wordpress / Woocommerce)


Development / Server Administration

(Wordpress / EDD)


Backend / Server Administration


IDC Thailand

Website Development



Development / Server Administration



Development / Server Administration


B&B Bouganville

Website Development


Hartmut Rupp

Website Development



Website application development

(Custom development / Phalcon PHP)


Website development / Server Administration


Leandro Berlin

Development / Server Administration

(Custom development)

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